Human Health

Nontoxic Cleaners

Maintain a healthy indoor air quality by avoiding toxins commonly found in conventional household cleaners.  Butlers Brand has formulated a line of nontoxic cleaners from natural ingredients based on classic butler DIY recipes.  Baking soda is not only a housekeeping staple from the home economics playbook, it is also naturally occurring and nontoxic.  Butlers Brand products are fragrance free and clear, because clean doesn’t have a smell. 

Environmental Health

Proud to be Palm Oil Free

It is irresponsible and unethical to use palm oil, and no label – however “green” it may appear – should convince you that any palm oil product is a good decision. Rainforests as old as the earth itself are being destroyed every day in Indonesia and Malaysia to produce palm oil. Rather than bulldoze these treasures of biodiversity, palm oil corporations simply set fire to hundreds of thousands of hectares of rainforest. These rainforests have been sequestering carbon since the beginning of time. Carbon accumulates in the leaves of trees and the fallen branches and mosses of peat forests. When these are set on fire, thousands of years’ worth of carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. Despite being a developing nation, Indonesia is one of the top 15 carbon emitting nations in the world, with annual CO2 emissions comparable to those of the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Whereas emissions from the UK and Saudi Arabia come primarily from the transportation and industry sectors, they come almost entirely from slash-and-burn practices in Indonesia. Loss of forest habitat and slash-and-burn practices in Indonesia have driven many species to the brink of extinction. The population of orangutans in Borneo was reduced by one third in 1997 alone due to palm oil related forest fires. Orangutans will become the first of the great apes to go extinct in the wild – a first in recorded history. This will happen on our watch, and we will be in a position to explain to our children and grandchildren that we drove humankind’s closest primate relative into nonexistence for soap, packaged cookies, and hair gel. Palm oil is never responsible, and Butler’s Brand has taken every extra step to exclude it from our formulas.

Product Stewardship

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Butlers Brand products were designed in every way to maximize the performance of our cleaners and to minimize their impact on the environment. A single bottle of Butlers Brand Concentrated Cleaner provides the active ingredients of eight conventional cleaners.

The active agent of most cleaners typically comprises no more than 5% of the bottle, which means the other 95% is water. With Butlers Brand you add your own water, which means you make less purchases, which requires less packaging, produces less carbon emissions through transportation of products, and generates less solid waste. 

Waste Free Housekeeping

Butlers Brand proposes a “waste free” system of keeping house. Through reuse and recycling, Butlers Brand households limit their contribution to solid waste. Butlers Brand products are not designed to become garbage, but are instead designed to be reused again and again.