Everybody Clean Up Reusable Atomizer

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This 16-oz reusable atomizer can be refilled with a single bottle of Everybody Clean Up Concentrated Cleaning Solution eight times. In order to identify the cleaning solution inside of each atomizer, we provide durable, reusable silicone labels that are easy to change as needed.

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Product Description

The atomizer trigger is butler tested and approved for ergonomics and quality of spray; neither is it a hard jet nor a weak mist. The size and construction of each bottle are convenient and durable for repeated use.

Our plastic triggers are BPA-free, and using our aluminum atomizer further reduces your exposure to hormone disrupting agents. Each aluminum atomizer can be reused for a lifetime, removing each consumer from the cycle of plastic waste. Though our triggers are 100% plastic, we expect each trigger attached to our reusable aluminum bottles to also be reused. Because each trigger is 100% plastic and contains no metal spring, each trigger is also 100% recyclable.

Reusing high-quality, durable products instead of throwing away low-quality, single-use products makes as much sense for you as it does for the environment. Our reusable atomizer allows you to save money by using our concentrated cleaning solution and adding your own water at home.

1 review for Everybody Clean Up Reusable Atomizer

  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    I can’t believe more companies aren’t doing this. Really love the sprayer mist. So much stronger than a cheap plastic spray bottle. I feel good knowing this can be reused for years.

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