A Butler’s Guide to Pet Care

Posted on July 19, 2016 by Quincy

The littlest member of the Butlers Brand team wants his animal friends to be safe and happy, and so here are Quincy's simple tips for taking care of pets at home.

Puppies are messy every day, so give us our own place to be ourselves.

We puppies can make a mess at meal time.  You can save yourself time and effort from future cleanup by placing your pet's food and water bowls on a placemat that can easily be washed. If we splatter our water, it will go onto the mat instead of the floor, where it could potentially do damage - especially if the floor is wooden! Always clean your pet’s bowls daily so that stuck-on leftover food doesn’t become hardened.  Doing so will also eliminate odors and deter flies and bugs.  Cleaning the mat beneath your pet's bowl, as well as the walls and floor around it, will ensure things stay clean and sanitary for your pet.  Be sure to use a nontoxic universal cleaner and to wipe away all residue of the cleaner.

Beware of fragrance and chemical cleaners.

Avoid using harsh chemical dish soaps to clean your pet’s bowls.  The soap’s residue (as well as any fragrance) can make him or her sick.  Fragrance in any household products - surface cleaners, dryer sheets, air freshener - can be absorbed by your pet through inhalation as well as ingestion.  Go easy on the fragrance, your pets are quite sensitive to it!  

Puppy-proof your home!

  • Household cleaners should be secured where pets can't access them, and rooms that have just been cleaned should be allowed to air out if your fuzzy friend will spend any time in them.
  • Keep toiletries and medications safely stored away .
  • Avoid poisonous household plants, such as azaelas and lillies, and keep holiday mistletoe far away!
  • Be mindful of dental floss, rubberbands, or any other choking hazards, such as small toys, that sometimes fall to the floor.
  • Be quick to react should anyone drop human foods that are toxic to pets, including chocolates, coffee, grapes, garlic, and onion.
  • Invest in a retractable screen door appropriate to the size of your pet to prevent falls from stairs or access to dangerous rooms, like basements, laundry rooms, and garages.