A Better Way to Clean

Posted on May 31, 2016 by Chris Allen

The idea of working smarter instead of harder isn't news to anyone's ears. The best way to clean smarter instead of harder often boils down to prevention and the principle of "do no harm."


The idea of working smarter instead of harder is hardly news to anyone's ears.  Yet when people realize how easily they can implement this philosophy into the everyday chores that keep a house tidy and comfortable, they are often surprised to find that the payoff isn't only feeling smarter.  It is also always having a guest-ready house without being a professional housekeeper, or even hiring one.  Efficiency in all aspects of our lives can improve our overall quality of life.

Prevention Is Key

When cleaning your house, preventing dirt is better than having to clean it.  A simple task like taking your outdoor shoes off just inside your front door can easily prevent your floors from getting filthy.  Spraying your shower walls with Butlers Brand cleaner after use will ensure sparkling clean grout with no soap scum buildup.  

Second to prevention is the concept of "do no harm."  This may sound like common sense, but you can do harm every time you clean.  Many people think that the easiest way to rid soap scum from a bathtub is to scrub like mad and use a caustic chemical cleaner.  All that hard scrubbing is slowly forming hundreds of tiny scratches in the actual surface of the tub, which over time will fill with the oils and fats found in soap, which will then act as glue to dirt and grime.  This glued-in dirt discolors the surface of the tub, and no amount of scrubbing can clean it.  Using a gentle and safe cleaner like Butlers Brand will prevent this.  Less scrubbing, longer lasting tub!